July 14, 2024

The Mansfield Fire Museum

Historic firefighting equipment & the story of the local force in a compact history museum.

Haunted Tours

General Scoop & History:  The Mansfield Fire Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving & interpreting the artifacts, history & traditions of firefighting. See a turn of the century fire station, hear the antique alarm bell, see the original parade of hats, browse the many pictures taken of heroic firefighters & get up close to the firefighting equipment.

Mansfield Fire Museum Haunted Tours

Haunted Testimonials & Tidbits

Unexplained happenings like movement of a side mirror on a fire truck has been seen to move by an employee, unexplained sounds when there is only one person in the building, floating orbs, lights flickering and shadow people have been reported.  Perhaps it’s the artifacts in this museum that make the spirits come alive or a coffin in the Chapel that was once used at the Ohio State Reformatory.

What to Expect:  A tour of the Mansfield Fire Museum will be given to participants and known hotspots and paranormal occurrences will be pointed out. Guests are then welcome to proceed with their paranormal investigation.

Hours, Pricing & Contact:  Individuals/groups can organize their own private investigation any day or any time by calling (419) 529-2573 or email mansfieldfiremuseum@yahoo.com
FREE to investigate!  Donations are always appreciated.