July 14, 2024

The Mansfield Fire Museum

Historic firefighting equipment & the story of the local force in a compact history museum.

Mission Statement

The Mansfield Fire Museum is dedicated to increasing the knowledge and understanding of the history of the Fire Service in Mansfield and Richland County, Ohio.

To that end and as its resources permit, the museum collects, preserves and inteperets objects, and informational materials related to firefighting.

The museum is expressly dedicated in all of it’s activities, but not limited to in every case, the following functions as they relate to it’s primary purpose: conservation and preservation of artifacts, research, education, interpretation, and community service on behalf of the general public as the beneficiaries of it’s trust activities. In so doing, the museum realizes that, in all of it’s activities and undertakings, it seeks to present an as-exclusive-as-possible interpretation of the past, present and future of firefighting.

The Mansfield Fire Museum consciously attempts to fulfill its statement of purpose without historical bias or favoritism.